Preparations cont.

Have been madly trying to put the final bits of content up on our website and make sure that it’s ready to go live before the weekend. A tedious start to my birthday, but The Australian is apparently extracting some of the book this w/e, so the clock is ticking. Meanwhile, tomorrow night we’re supposed to be doing an interview with the SMH. Feeling a wee bit underprepared….

[Posted by David Madden]

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3 Responses to Preparations cont.

  1. Tim Mack says:

    Good luck with your new blog. I put a mention on my blog.

  2. Robert S. says:

    Good luck guys – from an Aussie in Charlotte, NC – home state of John Edwards. Bloggedja, too.

  3. johnboy says:

    Best of luck as well. Why is it that when we imagine our future our eyes are drawn across the Pacific? I’m not hassling you, I am as guilty of this if not more so.

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