"Rebels with a cause"

I’ve managed to get my hands on an electronic copy of The Weekend Australian’s review of IA. Here’s a little extract:

…four exceedingly earnest, Harvard-educated, young Australian products of globalisation have combined to propose their own shake-up of Australian political and cultural life…Their aim is to create nothing short of a new Australian nationalism, a revamped national identity, a revolution in social policy and education and radical reform of the workings of government. They don’t use the word but the push is for an Australian renaissance, including such notions as the development of a truly “intellectual nation”….
….This is a book with a fairly simple core argument — that Australians can still forge a great nation but if they don’t seize the day we could recede into obscurity or worse … the impassioned authors have produced a document bulging with bold ideas that cannot be squeezed into familiar partisan or ideological boxes…..It hasn’t happened yet but, in the spirit of the book and of John F. Kennedy, Imagining Australia proves that soon the torch will be passed to this new generation of Australians.

Click here to read the full review.

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