Waltzing into fair drub of the drab

Somebody at the Canberra Times has obviously had a quick squiz at the book. Here’s part of what appeared in last Thursday’s CT under the title “Waltzing into fair drub of the drab”

GOD WILLING, we’ll be hearing our national anthem played umpteen times during the Olympics in Athens. Here’s a feisty opinion about that anthem from a brand new book, Imagining Australia: Ideas For Our Future, published last week.”Advance Australia Fair was proclaimed the official national anthem in 1977,” the authors note.”It was our ill-fortune to be one of the only countries in the world to choose a national anthem in the 1970s – a decade often described as a low point for 20th-century musical tastes. From ‘history’s page’ to ‘girt by sea’, the anthem contains not a single inspiring line, and the tune is an awkward halfway house between a grand symphony and a folk song …””We [the book has four dashing young authors] believe that Australia is better off with Waltzing Matilda as our national anthem.”

The full piece is available here

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