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Just how great does the PM think Bradman was?

The PM has got his knickers in a knot about some comments that we make in our chapter on Australian national identity and that both the Weekend Australian and the Sunday Telegraph have extracted. Here’s part of what the PM’s … Continue reading

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The Sky's the limit

Few more media things today. Mac did an interview with ABC Riverland and charmed the local listeners with his knowledge of every footy star the region has produced in the last two decades. A high bar has been set for … Continue reading

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Waltzing into fair drub of the drab

Somebody at the Canberra Times has obviously had a quick squiz at the book. Here’s part of what appeared in last Thursday’s CT under the title “Waltzing into fair drub of the drab” GOD WILLING, we’ll be hearing our national … Continue reading

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"Rebels with a cause"

I’ve managed to get my hands on an electronic copy of The Weekend Australian’s review of IA. Here’s a little extract: …four exceedingly earnest, Harvard-educated, young Australian products of globalisation have combined to propose their own shake-up of Australian political … Continue reading

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The magic of television

Very funny interview this morning on the Today show. Despite repeated clarifications in the lead up to the interview, the Today show still presented as Aussie US political insiders from opposing sides of the fence!! Viewers were told that I … Continue reading

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Bright and early Mon morning

For those of you up early, Pete and I will be doing a little interview on the Today show (Channel 9) tomorrow at approximately 6.40am. Best I get to bed…

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Conversation of the Nation

Did an interview on Mal Garvin’s “Conversation of the Nation” radio show earlier tonight. Like a lot of people this week, Mal was particularly interested in our thoughts on national identity and how we communicate these ideas to a broad … Continue reading

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