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AIS loans

In a move that is sure to be as popular right now as an Irish priest in a Brazilian bar, Bruce Chapman and I make a modest proposal in today’s Age: that high-earning Australian Institute of Sport athletes be required … Continue reading

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Fixed Four Year Terms

In breaking news, Mark Latham has just called for fixed four year terms. We’re not sure whether Imagining Australia had any impact on his thinking, but we like to hope it did. For an abbreviated version of our arguments for … Continue reading

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Latham and Leadership

A few weeks ago, I worked my way through Bill Clinton’s “My Life”. I must confess, somewhat sheepishly, that I loved it. As far as I can tell, reviewers have been unanimous in their critique: a bore of a book … Continue reading

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Will the real Peter Costello please stand up?

Has the Treasurer taken a quick peek at IA? Over the last three months, Peter Costello has begun to articulate a more expansive vision for the future of the country. He’s talked about the importance of social capital and tolerance, … Continue reading

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Wealthy, not healthy and wise

According to today’s papers, the Labor Party seems to be making a sensible decision to oppose providing a higher private health care rebate to older Australians. (From April 2005, the Federal Government plans to increase the 30 per cent private … Continue reading

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Some photos!

I have *finally* put together some photos from the launch of Imagining Australia and some of the promotional stuff we did. Click here or on the photo album on the right sidebar to check them out.

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Young Australians

A report has just been released examining youth and citizenship. Shockingly…’less than 55 per cent of the young Australians sampled believed Australia was a democracy’! …and … ‘nearly 90 per cent of those surveyed wanted to participate in decisions which … Continue reading

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