By way of example….

Not to dwell on the Convention, but to illustrate just how powerful speeches can be when politicians take them seriously, take a few minutes to watch rising star Barrack Obama’s speech. He takes a little while to warm up, and if you’re not familiar with the sort of language used by US pollies it may seem a little wierd, but stick with it to see just how inspiring speeches can be. Click here to watch it. Here’s hoping that in our election someone will deliver a speech as focused on the future and the big issues as this one. Who’s up for the Obama challenge?

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2 Responses to By way of example….

  1. James Tauber says:

    Barrack is definitely one to watch. Hard as it might seem to believe for many Australians, there are some impressive politicians in the US.

    I was in the US during the 2000 elections and I remember discussions with friends back home where we all asked “is this the best the US has?”. But watching political talkshows and C-SPAN, I saw a number of politicians (especially senators) that really impressed me.

    In my experience, however, the average American has more respect for politicians than the average Australian. This leads me to wonder if it’s a chicken-and-egg situation?

    Which needs to come first: the respected politician or the citizen that respects the office?

    I’m inclined to go with the former but I still think there are cultural barriers to an Australian politician garnering the same respect that some US politicians receive.

  2. James Tauber says:

    Maybe I should read “The Prince’s New Clothes”– co-edited by Andrew and which I just found out about–for insights into why Australian’s don’t like their politicians.

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