Time for fixed 4 year terms

Speculation is rife at the moment about when the election is going to be called. Indeed speculation has been rife for months now! The parties gave up on any serious policy making work long ago. Fun as it may be for us political tragics to try to pick the date, our PM-can-call-an-election-at-any-time system is hardly in the longer term interests of the country. It is an old aphorism—but no less powerful for its age—that governments spend their first year settling in and paying off election promises; their next six months making hard decisions; and the remainder of the term preparing for the following election. We discuss this problem in Chap 2 of IA and present a proposal for fixed 4 year terms, with the Senate and the HOR elections being held on a staggered schedule. IOHO this would be a very helpful reform to our electoral system.

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