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An extraordinary story broke at 4pm over here in the States today — the Governor of New Jersey held a press conference, disclosed that he was gay and had had an affair with another man, and announced that he’d resign. Apparently the other man — a former aide — was threatening to file a sexual harrassment suit against him. There’s a troubling video of the annoucement on the NYT website. Affairs and lawsuits aside, Gov. McGreevey’s personal story about growing up as a gay man in NJ is worth listening to for what it reveals about the nature of “freedom” and “liberty” in the US. Although, less we be too quick too judge, Australia is hardly a paragon of virtue on these issues. We don’t tackle these issues in IA, but both countries have a long way to go…

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  1. James Tauber says:

    I heard from multiple news sources this morning that a sexual harassment lawsuit had been filed against him by a former aide. One source even said it was filed by the man he had the affair with.

    So it could be that his resignation was preempting the real scandal about to be exposed.

  2. James Tauber says:

    The link David gives does talk about the lawsuit and confirms that the former aide filing the suit was the one McGreevey had the affair with.

    However, it doesn’t mention the controversy surrounding the original appointment of the aide as head of homeland security even though he was a foreign national nor the aide continuing to be on the payroll even after he stepped down from the homeland security role (both of which were the subject of a number of early morning news shows here in US)

    Now it may turn out that the lawsuit is unfounded. But the bottom line is that this story has more to it than merely the governor being gay or even having an affair.

    In a strange way, I guess that’s a good thing.

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