On the road

20_serpentine_gorge_20040806pict008512_the_rock_from_a_sand_dune_20040804pict0019Lest readers think that all we do all day is think about ideas for our future, I have been reading a fantastic book recently by a friend of mine, Rory Stewart, who did something that most right thinking people would have to say is pretty crazy — he walked across Afghanistan in the winter of 2002 (just after the Taliban had been toppled). It’s an amazing story and there are some real insights in the book that you just don’t get from the journos hanging out in Kabul. If you’re interested in Afghanistan, Islam, travel writing, or just want to read a great book, grab a copy of The Places in Between. Not quite in the same category, but still a good story — a friend of mine recently bought himself a road bike and headed our west for a bit of a solo adventure. No book yet, but some great photos instead.

[Posted by David Madden]

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