The Lucky Country

In the SMH today is an article written by Donald Horne, author of the 1960’s seminal text, The Lucky Country: Australia Today. Donald Horne wirtes that Australia has come a long way since his ironic description of Australia as a lucky country… run by second-rate people who share its luck. We certainly agree. Australia is a much more multicultural, cosmopolitan, outward-looking nation. We strongly engage with asia and have shed many of our national insecurities. We can answer in the affirmative his question – ‘Can we keep our standards of prosperity and our present way of life?’

But we believe Australia can do more. We still struggle with an inclusive national identity. We need a stronger marketplace of ideas, we need to reorient ‘national development’ for the twenty-first century and we need to continue our investment in innovation and engaging as a global citizen.

Like Donald Horne, we believe that each generation is a custodian, a steward for future generations. Donald Horne looked into the future and asked whether Australia could adjust to a changing world and maintain its prosperity. Imagining Australia is a contribution from another generation similarly looking to the future and passionate about Australia’s potential. Donald Horne concludes The Lucky Country by stating that ‘it’s worth giving it a go’. We agree.

Check out Donald Horne’s article. In fact, pick up a copy of The Lucky Country and see what all the controversy was about.

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