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Election betting talk

For anyone who’ll be in Canberra next Wednesday, I’ll be doing a talk on election betting at the Kurrajong Hotel at 6pm. Details below. In a study following the 2001 election, Andrew Leigh and Justin Wolfers analysed three tools for … Continue reading

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The Vision Thang

In a piece published in New Matilda today, I look at the current election through the lens of Imagining Australia, and argue that there is a hole in the heart of campaign ’04. Debates over Medicare reform, tax breaks for … Continue reading

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Good News for Lachlan and Sarah

If the Howard Government is returned on October 9, one family that’s likely to benefit is Lachlan Murdoch and Sarah O’Hare, expecting their first child in November (as this piece of hard-hitting News Ltd journalism shows). If they choose to … Continue reading

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How Australia Votes

Web-surfing psephologists might be interested in a study I presented today on voting patterns in Australia. A quick preview of results, from the media release that ANU put out. · In 2001, richer voters were more likely to vote for … Continue reading

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Pork for School Lunches

To gain an insight into the worst tendencies of Liberal Party social policy, look no further than their recently released schools policy, which promises $1 billion to fix school buildings. Why is this money a priority? We’re not told. How … Continue reading

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Some Succour for ALP Supporters

As election tragics may have noticed, I’ve been converting election betting odds into winning probabilities on my website on a daily basis since the campaign started. Since the betting opened, the Coalition has always been a firm favourite. Today and … Continue reading

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Superannuation May Be Boring, But It's Important

A very sophisticated piece by Anna Fenech in the Australian looks at the two parties’ superannuation policies. Most of the debate in this campaign seems to be revolving around matched contributions for low earners, and the compulsory contribution rate, but … Continue reading

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