A contest of ideas?

So the election is finally underway. It doesn’t take a political genius to know that this is going to be a nasty, bruising campaign. When we were launching Imagining Australia we were often asked about our thoughts on this election. As you may see over the next few weeks, we each have our own views on this, but one thing that we agree on is that we hope that this election will be a serious contest of ideas.
There are too many important issues facing our country for this election to be dominated by short-term campaigning opportunism. What we’d like to see is an election like the one we had in 1993. Let’s see Howard and Latham honestly and comprehensively outline their vision for the country — where they’d like to see Australia in 20 years — and how they plan to achieve it.

[Posted by David Madden]

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  1. Chris Nunn says:

    I’m worried by the use of polls. It seems to be a regressive, navel-gazing preoccupation. The publication of poll data does affect the public perception of a leader’s standing. I’m concerned that the rise of polling has led to a more populist, lowest common denominator form of politics, concerned less with leadership than power. From Hansonism to immigration it seems snapshot polls have had far too much influence on policy responses. A thousand random people giving a fleeting response to a set of leading questions is no basis for decision making, especially if they mask a margin of error in the vicinity of 2%!

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