A Liberal Arts Education

One of the ideas we propose in Imagining Australia is that the nation should rediscover the value of a liberal arts education — by requiring all undergraduate degrees to be four years long, and establishing a dedicated liberal arts university (perhaps a revamped University of New England in Armidale). A much-abbreviated version of these proposals appeared in today’s Australian Financial Review. Click here to read it.

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1 Response to A Liberal Arts Education

  1. I’m a notorious libertarian so I will state flatly that I hate the notion that it should be “required” that undergraduates do a year of Liberal Arts before they go on to do the rest of their degree. It all rather smacks of Tom Sharpe and Henry Wilt to be honest. Certainly it would be a good thing, but so would giving up smoking, drinking to excess, and doing more exercise.

    Your idea about a dedicated Liberal Arts University has more merit though. The AIS proves you can do just about anything if you throw enough money at it and I’d rather see money going into something seriously good then some of the glorified TAFE’s going around.

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