Global Warming

In a recent speech, NSW Premier Bob Carr noted a few startling new statistics on climate change:

 The frequency of extremely high tides in Sydney (more than 2.2 metres) has tripled since 1950.
 The average sea level of the Australian coastline has risen nearly 10 centimetres since 1920 and is projected to continue, with serious implications for some waterside communities.
 The average maximum temperature has risen by 0.75 degrees and the average minimum temperature has risen by 0.85 degrees over the past 50 years.
 The state’s annual average rainfall has fallen by 14.3 millimetres a decade since 1950.
 From 1957 to last year there has been an increase on average of 4.7 days per year exceeding 35 degrees and an increase on average of 12 nights per year exceeding 20 degrees.

Carr’s proposed remedy – signing the Kyoto treaty – is not one that we agree with (to read about our proposals, click here). But global warming deserves more serious attention, and we applaud Bob Carr for putting it on the agenda.

[Posted by David Madden]

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  1. Iain Lygo says:

    Great Site guys. A little more intellectually significant compared to virtually all others.
    It is hard to take Carr’s concerns about global warming seriously when his government takes an L.A approach to urban planning, and their energy policy involves more coal power stations and nine more mines.
    until policy makers merge the environment and economic portfolios they are merely tinkering around at the edges.
    The next generation will be furious at Carr’s approach to the environment which merely involves enjoyiong the pretty things while taking a business as usual approach to all things economic.

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