Hanson's No Freddie Krueger

David Burchell (my co-editor on The Prince’s New Clothes: Why Do Australians Dislike Their Politicians?) has a beautiful piece in today’s Australian, suggesting that the return of Pauline Hanson is nothing to worry about:

The global forces that turned milkbars into trattorias and caused their cashed-up patrons to say “Caio!” looked like the same ones that required industries to be rationalised, bank branches to be closed and Pelaco shirts to be replaced with oceans of $10 Chinese shoddy….

But that moment of mingled fear, anxiety and outrage has faded. Already, much of provincial Australia has adapted to a changed world. Within a decade of the great provincial revolt sleepy old mining towns have turned into tourist traps, and in the luncheon establishments cafe lattes have replaced Devonshire teas. The banks — so recently departed — are keen to make friends in the bush again. And the pollies now have an ear firmly pressed to the ground. Hanson might be keen to mount up again, but the horse is lame.

For those who follow the betting markets, today’s odds seem to suggest that David is right. Centrebet’s odds currently suggest that Hanson is only a 26% chance to win a Senate spot.

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