"Tomorrow calling"

I have belatedly discovered that there was a long review of Imagining Australia in the Courier Mail a few weeks ago. Here’s part of what UQ’s David Carter had to say:

AMONG the most interesting things about this new blueprint for Australia’s future are the career paths of its four authors; Macgregor Duncan, Andrew Leigh, David Madden, Peter Tynan. All are Australian-born and educated but with international track records: higher degrees in law, public policy and business; professional work in consultancy and policy formation. Princeton, Harvard, the UN, the World Bank, the US Democrats, American think tanks — these are the natural habitat of a new Australian generation.

This is a generation which has known nothing other than a multicultural, globalised, economically deregulated Australia, and which takes reconciliation and a republic as significant but scarcely controversial processes. Interesting, too, that they cross party lines. They are critical of both Menzies and Whitlam nostalgia. These authors take politics seriously, but because they believe in policy. They also believe in the marketplace. Proposals for social justice reforms sit happily alongside arguments for economic liberalisation. They are strongly committed both to “public goods” and “social entrepreneurship”, globalisation and national community. The mix, again, is distinctively of a new generation.

You can read Carter’s full review here , and some of the other reviews of IA here.

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