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An alternative view on Iraq's economy

A quick alternative – or perhaps complementary – view to David’s recent posting is to look to some people who’ve actually been studying Iraq’s economy in a more systematic manner. Chris Foote, an economist at the FRB, who has been … Continue reading

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Baghdad Year Zero

With news of beheadings, bomb blasts and the ongoing violence in Iraq filling our papers and TV screens, readers might find it helpful to check out this month’s Harper’s Magazine **. In it is an interesting article by Naomi Klein … Continue reading

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"Liberty's Century"

George Bush has just finished addressing the UN General Assembly. Poor Dubya. He should have paid more attention to his Dad who actually had a few diplomatic skills (although who could forget this incident). Dubya however has never quite been … Continue reading

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Indonesia's Big Day Out

In the midst of our own fiercely contested election, it’s important that we don’t miss the significance of what just took place in Indonesia. Indonesia’s first ever direct presidential elections were–according to all reports–an overwhelming success. That such a massive … Continue reading

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Howard's lost year?

It’s been another horrendous week in Iraq. To make matters worse, amidst it all came confirmation that Saddam Huessin didn’t have any WMD, that the war was illegal, and US intelligence agenices are as pessimistic about the future of Iraq … Continue reading

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Scanning the Tealeaves

Looking at Mark Metherell and Louise Dodson’s article on the front page of today’s Sydney Morning Herald, I couldn’t help wondering if I should send them a copy of the opinion piece on poll error margins that their own newspaper … Continue reading

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"Tomorrow calling"

I have belatedly discovered that there was a long review of Imagining Australia in the Courier Mail a few weeks ago. Here’s part of what UQ’s David Carter had to say: AMONG the most interesting things about this new blueprint … Continue reading

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