Some more reviews of Imagining Australia

Amidst the chaos of the last few weeks, I fell a wee bit behind on the old review front, so a quick wrap up on the latest….There was a review of IA in the Journal of Australian Studies’ Review of Books in September. Kris Brankovic notes that:

Imagining Australia presents a powerful indictment of Australia’s system of long-term policy development as lacking zeal and reflecting elite interests, something that the authors seek to counter with great enthusiasm.

To read the full review click here (or here).

In the October edition of Eureka Street, Troy Bramston writes that:

The authors see Australia as ‘a work in progress with great potential,’ but is often ‘content to rest on its laurels and luxuriate in its unfulfilled possibilities’. So this book serves as a call to arms for politicians, policy makers and citizens to nudge the Australian story further. It is upbeat, forward-looking, and declaratory, like a Keating or Whitlam speech, with a dash of American optimism and hope, fuelled by the aspirations of the authors.

For the rest of his review click here.

There’s also a review (and an interview) in October’s Law Society Journal. Hugh Selby says that our:

…imagining is exciting, enervating and a welcome antidote to the climate of fear that our politicians have exploited for most of the last decade….Change so often depends upon our eyes being wide shut to the limitations until the barriers fall and are no more. Buy it, read it, pull your lower lip, grunt and groan. You’re bound, whether pleased or not, to be much better informed.

For all of Hugh’s review click here (or here). To read some of the other reviews of Imagining Australia click here.

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