US launch of Imagining Australia — this Thursday in DC

Readers of Imagining Australia will know that one of the themes that we explore in the book is what we call “Australian internationalism”. Over the last few decades, Australia has become global in ways that is often not recognized. One example of Australian internationalism is that we have one of the world’s largest diasporas — it is estimated that there are around 1 million Australians (or around 5% of our population) living overseas. In the book, we present some ideas for how our diaspora can be better integrated into Australian public life (read here and here for an overview).

In the meantime, in the spirit of Aussie internationalism, Mac, Pete and I will be launching IA in the US later this week. The US launch will be in DC this Thurs 28th Oct and is being hosted by the good folks at the Embassy and Advance DC. Kickoff is at 6.30pm and everyone is welcome to attend. Shoot an RSVP to, or download the invitation here for full details. Hope to see all you DC-based expats there.

PS. For those in the Northeast, we’ll be doing a launch at the consulate in NYC on 11th Nov. More details soon…

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3 Responses to US launch of Imagining Australia — this Thursday in DC

  1. I am one of the DC (Nth VA) members of the Australian Diaspora, hopefully I will be able to make it.

  2. David says:

    Great Cameron — look forward to meeting you there…

  3. Unfortunately I have to head off to North Carolina on thursday. It popped up today. I am sorry I wont be there. I periodically have to go up to New Jersey on business as well, so I will try to co-ordinate it so that I am there and able to attend the NYC launch. Sorry I cant make it was looking forward to it.

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