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The Conservative View of Eureka

Gerard Henderson today makes a cogent case that the Coalition is making a mistake in distancing themselves from the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of Eureka. I argued yesterday on Michael Duffy’s Counterpoint program that Eureka was fundamentally a revolt … Continue reading

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The four of us have an extract from Imagining Australia in today’s Sydney Morning Herald. It begins: This Friday Australia will remember the 150th anniversary of the Eureka uprising. Yet never before in our history has Eureka been more marginal. … Continue reading

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The State of Iraq

Of all the Iraqi assessments, the one I trust most is the piece put together every couple of months by Michael O’Hanlon and various co-authors for the New York Times. The latest one has just come out (NYT registration required, … Continue reading

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Four in Five Mislead in Their Articles

A piece from the SMH "One in five lie in their job resumes" notes that 60% of those with criminal convictions don’t disclose them on their resumes. Looks like the journalist who wrote this – and the people who conducted … Continue reading

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The Arms Race on Australian Roads

A report from the NRMA, reprinted almost verbatim in the SMH, shows that if you’re in a single-vehicle collision in a 4WD, you’re more likely to be injured than in a passenger car. So why do suburbanites drive 4WDs? To … Continue reading

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Wishful Thinking

A Sydney Morning Herald editorial yesterday (scroll down, it’s the 2nd editorial) credited the fall in crime in NSW over recent years to lower unemployment. It’d be lovely if this were true, but my read of the evidence is that … Continue reading

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Water Water Everywhere

Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth now seem to have more or less permanent water restrictions in place – several of which ban any watering of lawns, any use of garden sprinklers, washing cars with a hose, or watering gardens … Continue reading

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