Four in Five Mislead in Their Articles

A piece from the SMH "One in five lie in their job resumes" notes that 60% of those with criminal convictions don’t disclose them on their resumes. Looks like the journalist who wrote this – and the people who conducted the survey – are happy to ignore the laws covering a "spent conviction": legislation that allows people not to disclose most offences to most employers after a period of 10 years has elapsed.

What fraction of people with a crime in their past committed it more than 10 years ago? I’d guess about 60%.

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1 Response to Four in Five Mislead in Their Articles

  1. Angry says:

    Many people make stupid mistakes in their past which they regret.

    They do not need these mistakes hanging over their heads forever.

    Disclosing these spent convictions could seriously affect a person’s career opportunities, and we all need to work to survive.

    I think it comes down to a case of ‘forgive and forget’.

    ANGER LEVEL….53%

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