The State of Iraq

Of all the Iraqi assessments, the one I trust most is the piece put together every couple of months by Michael O’Hanlon and various co-authors for the New York Times. The latest one has just come out (NYT registration required, sorry), and their assessment is: "On balance, the data show that security trends in Iraq are generally poor, economic trends are promising but glacial in pace, and political trends are hopeful but fragile." Click on the thumbnail below to see the figures.


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2 Responses to The State of Iraq

  1. Angry says:

    Interesting figures.

    Rather concerning I think.

    I don’t think it quite paints the promising picture that the US and Coalition forces are trying to show us.

    ANGER LEVEL….77%

  2. Shareen says:

    The article read like a satire in part:-
    “Other recent trends are somewhat more encouraging: foreign aid is beginning to be spent more quickly, even if much of it is being directed toward security rather than rebuilding cities and towns; Iraqi security forces are now being trained more rigorously – and they’re beginning to perform better on the battlefield”
    It’s like “we’ll kill a lot of you, then teach the rest of you how to fight better. Almost Free!”
    On a more balanced note, it’s good to know that Iraqis in a nearly Saddam-free world.
    US shouldn’t neglect Osama- he clearly has an attention problem.

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