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Iraq Conspiracy Theories

Dave Madden and myself argued recently about how bad things really were in Iraq. I’m a little more optimistic than Dave, more pessimistic than Tim Blair, and certainly not as informed as Zeyad. Still, whatever the circumstances on the ground, … Continue reading

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In 2002-03 Paul Krugman’s white hot fury at Bush’s social security privatisation promises translated into one column after another lambasting the plans. For Ross Gittins, the US-Australia preferential trade agreement seems to evoke the same reaction. Still, I do think … Continue reading

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How to write and publish opinion pieces in Australia

In terms of exchanging ideas, blogging is clearly the way of the future. But the way of the present – in Australia at least – is newspaper opinion pieces (aka op-eds). A couple of weeks ago, I ran a session … Continue reading

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Indigenous Stock Exchange

A friend recently drew my attention to the Indigenous Stock Exchange, a semi-regular forum established in May 2003 by Gerhardt Pearson, allowing Indigenous businesses to meet with potential investors. The ISX met in Shepparton yesterday, and there seems to have … Continue reading

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An Independent Fiscal Authority?

A short piece of ours appeared in the Financial Review this week. How To Iron Out Volatility, Australian Financial Review There is a good case for an independent fiscal authority, write Macgregor Duncan, Andrew Leigh, David Madden and Peter Tynan. … Continue reading

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Indigenous Politicians

One feature of both the Australian and US polls which has so far gone unremarked is that the two elections saw the number of indigenous politicians fall to zero. In Australia, Aden Ridgeway lost his NSW Senate seat, while Andrea … Continue reading

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Why did Bush Win?

I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that Peter Hartcher is the savviest Australian journalist around when it comes to interpreting polling evidence. In a piece in today’s SMH, Hartcher takes on the "Bush won 2004 on moral issues" thesis, and … Continue reading

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