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Posner Blogs

Richard Posner is the guest blogger on Leiter Reports, and so far he’s been defending pragmatic reasoning, dissing morality, and pondering on his atheism. Posner’s always provocative, and well worth a read, even if only to force oneself to mentally … Continue reading

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Gweneth and I have just given a donation to Oxfam Community Aid Abroad. It’s a lean, efficient aid organisation that I can strongly vouch for (I used to be on its NSW board). I’d encourage others to consider giving to … Continue reading

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Democracy Building

George Packer has a beautifully pitched leader in this week’s New Yorker. It begins: President Bush has put the idea of spreading democracy around the world at the rhetorical heart of American foreign policy. No one should doubt that he … Continue reading

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Who Are the Most Right-Wing and Left-Wing MPs?

A Christmas survey: who do you think are the most right-wing and the most left-wing members currently serving in the Australian federal parliament?

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Conversations about Conversations

I’m currently halfway through Greg Craven’s book, Conversations with the Constitution: Not Just a Piece of Paper. Apart from a quibble with the subtitle*, I’m loving it. Kinda unexpected, since – as a former associate to Kirby J – Craven’s … Continue reading

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David Madden, a former contributor to this blog, is off to Indonesia just after Christmas, wilfully defying his Attorney-General. I’m guessing, however, that he’ll be avoiding the Hilton….

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The Economics of Panhandling

A side-discussion over at Catallaxy about the book "Conspicuous Compassion" made me think harder about the economics of what the Americans call "panhandling". (Australians would call it begging, but somehow I prefer the US word. If you prefer, just substitute … Continue reading

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