Happy 150th Eureka Anniversary

Today is the 150th anniversary of the Eureka uprising. There’s a little in the press about it, including a fence-sitting editorial by the SMH, a piece on the Eureka flag and Eureka art by John Huxley, and opinion pieces by Greg Barns in the Herald Sun (no link, sorry) and Anne Beggs Sunter in the Australian both of which essentially claim Eureka for the left. Online Opinion also has a quartet of articles on the topic.

Rather than reprise the debate over whether Eureka is a story for conservatives as well, today seems a better day to just give you the favourite Eureka quote of the Imagining Australia team, a passage from an editorial in the Ballarat Times of 1854.

This League is nothing more or less than the germ of independence. The die is cast, and fate has stamped upon the movement its indelible signature. No power on earth can now restrain the united might and headlong strides for freedom of the people of this country, and we are lost in amazement while contemplating the dazzling panorama of the Australian future. We salute the League, and tender our hopes and prayers for its prosperity. The League have undertaken a mighty task, fit only for a great people—that of changing the dynasty of the country.

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