Conversations about Conversations

I’m currently halfway through Greg Craven’s book, Conversations with the Constitution: Not Just a Piece of Paper. Apart from a quibble with the subtitle*, I’m loving it. Kinda unexpected, since – as a former associate to Kirby J – Craven’s jurisprudence isn’t exactly mine. But the book is so entertaining that you find yourself enjoying the ride nonetheless. Highly recommended.

Update: By the end, the metaphors and similes do get a bit much.

* Has anyone ever seen an Australian constitution printed on a single piece of paper? I’ve seen people fit the Magna Carta and Declaration of Independence on one sheet, but…

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4 Responses to Conversations about Conversations

  1. Sinclair Davidson says:

    Tsk, tsk. Some of us even own copies of the Magna Carta, in Latin, on a single piece of paper. Unfortunately, the wife won’t let me frame it for the lounge.

    happy a happy xmas break and new year.

  2. Louisa Connors says:

    You can buy limited edition tea towels from *Third Drawer Down* with the australian constitution handwritten (almost illegibly) and printed on them. TDD’s email address is: & the print is called static white noise.

  3. Andrew Leigh says:

    Louisa, that’s superb. I must tell Greg to call the second edition “Conversations with the Constitution: Not just a tea-towel”.

    Sinclair, thanks. And to you too.

  4. abigail says:

    to the folk of constitutional domestic discourses interested in the ‘Static White Noise’ limited edition 100% Linen Tea Towel – there is only 45 left before it goes into the collectors depot of ebay of most wanted Constitutional irony!

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