Who Are the Most Right-Wing and Left-Wing MPs?

A Christmas survey: who do you think are the most right-wing and the most left-wing members currently serving in the Australian federal parliament?

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9 Responses to Who Are the Most Right-Wing and Left-Wing MPs?

  1. Andrew Norton says:

    For most left wing, Kerry Nettle, the Green from NSW. The most right-wing, on social policy at least, Brian Harradine. Alas, the few people who might be the most right-wing on economic policy are kept quiet by party discipline.

  2. Joel Parsons says:

    Ross Cameron, for all his faults, combined right wing social views with right wing economic views. I remember him getting up in front of a meeting of Christian social workers and charities and telling them they needed less government money. Ross preaching to these people about how they needed to trust government less and God more was a beautiful blend of right wing economic & social views.

  3. liam hogan says:

    Most right-wing, without a question, would have to be everyone’s favourite nutbag Senator Ross Lightfoot, famous for claiming that Aborigines were the ‘lowest colour on the spectrum of civilisation’.
    Leftest would be a tossup between Kerry Nettle and Anthony Albanese.

  4. Stephen Hill says:

    It would be interesting to do it by parties, I’d be fascinated by who is the most left-wing Liberal and the most right-wing Labor MP.

    Left – Kerry Nettle (Greens), Albo (Labor), The libs have some social libs some that tend to have a libertarian focus which confuses it a little if you are attempting to consider the classic “leftie.”

    Right – Lightfoot, Ross “makes me sick” Cameron (Liberal) as previously mentioned, but we shouldn’t rule out the hysterics of social conservatives like Trish Draper – but I don’t she would know how to read a balance sheet never mind reading Nabokov.

  5. James Tauber says:

    The qualifications (economic versus social) in previous posts highlight the problem with the one dimensional left-right classification.

    I’d be interested in who the most economically right-wing MPs are, but that is hard to tell, perhaps for the reason Andrew suggests.

  6. Richard Denniss says:

    Kevin Andrews would have to be the most right wing by far. More socially conservative than Brian Harradine and a lot more economically conservative. Lucky he is only in charge of industrial relations…

  7. Sonjhos says:

    Here we have a clack of lefties deciding their right from left.Would they know the difference?

  8. Andrew Leigh says:

    Sonjhos, thanks for the clarification. I’d never realised Andrew Norton was left-wing until you alerted me to it. Probably best if neither of us breathes a word of it to the CIS until we work out how best to handle the situation….

  9. Geoff Robinson says:

    Left-right is a one dimensional classification but fairly accurate, my guess would be that economic liberalism and social conservatism tend to be highly positively correlated in practice. Those Liberals who had doubts on asylum-seekers were not from the small government group. The 1987 paper by Clive Bean & Ian McAlister and the 2001 AES candidates survey confirms the economic liberalism/social conservatism linkage. This reflects intellectual affinities: Hayek’s functionalist conservatism and political practicalities.

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