Looking out for one's mates

Today’s SMH carries this snippet:

But just as Beazley was ambling away to his waiting car, a reporter came racing up with the news Gillard had just gone public with her decision to pull out of the leadership race.

A somewhat startled Beazley looked at his watch (it was just on 10am) and muttered to the reporter: "Eleven o’clock, she told me. Are you sure?"

The reporter assured him she’d just had a call from her newsroom telling her it was so. In fact it wasn’t – Gillard stuck to her plan and went public at a citizenship ceremony in Melton, north-west of Melbourne, an hour later.

If a politician had made a mistake of this magnitude, would the SMH have chosen not to name him or her? Come on, who was the journo who misled Beazley?

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  1. Judy Smith says:

    I wholeheartedly agree. I was given 2 copies for Christmas and became a hermit while I savoured every moment, every phrase, every character.

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