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Punters Tipping Labor in WA

According to the bookies, Labor are strong favourites for tomorrow’s WA election. Current Centrebet prices are Labor at 1.16 (80% chance) and the Coalition at 4.50 (20% chance). Apparently  Westpoll has Labor ahead as well, though I can’t find a … Continue reading

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State of Iraq

The NYT’s latest State of Iraq report is out. The article is here (registration required), and I’ve put the chart below. The bottom line is similar to their last report – improvements on the economic front (which tends to be … Continue reading

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Ramsey on Iraq

What do you do when the SMH doesn’t publish your letter? Put it on your blog, of course. The question of how many civilian deaths have occurred in Iraq is too important to be treated with the sloppiness Alan Ramsey … Continue reading

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Popular Economics

A casual dig by Ross Gittens the other day at academic economists got me thinking. Here’s what he said: That leaves the battalion of academic economists, to whom we give the privilege of academic freedom in the hope they’ll make … Continue reading

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Kyoto Dreaming

My Imagining Australia coauthor David Madden has an opinion piece in today’s SMH, which may ruffle a few feathers. It begins: Thirteen years after the Rio Earth Summit and more than seven years after the deal was struck, the Kyoto … Continue reading

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Bring on those Singaporeans

Being married to an American, and working in a US-centric profession, I couldn’t be more delighted at the prospect that Singapore Airlines will be allowed to compete on the Sydney-LA route. Maybe someone can convince a few of those UK … Continue reading

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What Does an Illegal Street Race Look Like?

Following Sunday night’s nasty street racing accident, some people might be interested in a couple of little pieces I wrote a while back on what an illegal Sydney street race actually looks like: a journalistic piece in the SMH, and … Continue reading

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The Smell of Suez in the West

In the West, the worm has turned. When the WA election was called, Centrebet had the two parties level pegging. Then the Coalition pulled ahead. Now,  the Coalition’s announcement of a canal deal so cheap you’ll want to buy two … Continue reading

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