The Smell of Suez in the West

In the West, the worm has turned. When the WA election was called, Centrebet had the two parties level pegging. Then the Coalition pulled ahead. Now,  the Coalition’s announcement of a canal deal so cheap you’ll want to buy two of them seems to have voters (and punters) raising an eyebrow. Centrebet today Labor ahead by a nose, on $1.70 (54% chance of winning).

Meanwhile, John Quiggin has a neat discussion of the economics of the pipeline.

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1 Response to The Smell of Suez in the West

  1. Steve Edney says:

    To follow up on the concept I mentioned in a previous thread. If I was managing risk at Tenix,
    I would be trying to lay as much as I could on Labor while the odds were still good.

    Andrew any idea of what sort of volume of bets are getting placed on the result?

    I note ALP has gone to 1.57

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