What Does an Illegal Street Race Look Like?

Following Sunday night’s nasty street racing accident, some people might be interested in a couple of little pieces I wrote a while back on what an illegal Sydney street race actually looks like: a journalistic piece in the SMH, and a more academic piece in a criminology journal. They’re both a decade old now, but I haven’t seen much written on street racers in the interim, and from what I hear, the kinds of folks who street race haven’t changed that much.

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2 Responses to What Does an Illegal Street Race Look Like?

  1. Brooklynn says:

    Sometimes the only choice you might have is to take their “toys” away. I know I have watched a street race and it is a wonder how nobody on the side lines got hurt! It is dangerous!

  2. melissa says:

    This this is a great report on street racing and i think it is spot on with all the information.. more placed need to be provided for street racers to race and maybe then the crake down on street racing will final happen.

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