Punters Tipping Labor in WA

According to the bookies, Labor are strong favourites for tomorrow’s WA election. Current Centrebet prices are Labor at 1.16 (80% chance) and the Coalition at 4.50 (20% chance). Apparently  Westpoll has Labor ahead as well, though I can’t find a 2pp figure. As for Newspoll, the latest figure I can find on its website or in the Australian is 50-50, but there must be something more recent.

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2 Responses to Punters Tipping Labor in WA

  1. Sinclair Davidson says:

    After your stuff with Justin Wolfers on betting markets, I don’t look at polls seriously anymore. Have you kept a daily record of the odds? I wanted to, but have been away for three weeks. After the odds opened with a 50-50 chance of winning, the ALP surged ahead early. It would be nice to do a look back and see when the opposition lost the election.

  2. Andrew Leigh says:

    Aw, now you’re making me blush. I’m afraid I didn’t follow the WA odds (in fact, Justin and I are yet to write up our betting paper on the 2004 Federal election). But here’s hoping some bright sandgroping political scientist is doing it….

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