Wanted: Sailor to fix dodgy ship

The latest Navy recruiting ads on television are delightfully authentic. The pitch: imagine you’re a naval officer, a helicopter wants to land on your boat, and the engines have just gone wonky. What would you do?

Only in Australia would we try to entice people into our armed forces by advertising the fact that our ships are particularly prone to breaking down. Perhaps the next navy ad will recruit commanders who have clever ideas to keep the engines on Collins Class submarines down below 200 decibels…..

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2 Responses to Wanted: Sailor to fix dodgy ship

  1. commander says:

    the problem with the collins class was never the engines but the hull design.

  2. Cheesie says:

    And now they are arguably the best non-nuclear submarines in the world. They’ve sunk many an American Carrier in war games.

    Remarkably, that hasn’t been reported a lot.

    Just like the “rustbuckets” Kanimbla and Manoora that have served Australia so well across the globe.

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