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An Economist's View on VSU

In Adelaide for to present a seminar yesterday, I stumbled across a demonstration against the federal government’s plans to scrap voluntary student unionism. On the steps of the South Australian parliament were gathered about 100 activists, 20 police, and a … Continue reading

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Who Needs a Lexus if the World is Flat?

Via Catallaxy, "Flathead" is a brutally funny review of New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman’s latest book, The World is Flat. It’s reminisent of "The Datsun and the Shoe Tree", a classic send-up of The Lexus and the Olive Tree … Continue reading

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Sometimes, those who write newspaper headlines have a little too much fun.

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You must be joking

If you’re checking in at Canberra Airport, you’d better act serious. Security there has just arrested three people in the last week for making jokes about having dangerous items in their luggage. In the latest incident, a Brisbane man was … Continue reading

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If I know you, and you’d like an invitation to gmail, drop me an email.

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Why the Yoof Like ANZAC

Macgregor Duncan, David Madden, Peter Tynan and myself have a piece in today’s Australian on why ANZAC still resonates for young Australians today. Full text over the fold.

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Talkin Bout My Generation

On May 5-7, the Asia-Pacific Davos group holds its annual Future Summit at Melbourne’s Crown Casino (venue for all good proletarian gatherings). ANU economist Glenn Withers and myself have written a paper on leadership and political structures, focusing on issues … Continue reading

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