Apologies for a dearth of blogging lately – Gweneth and I have been showing her parents around Sydney, Blue Mountains, Hunter and Central Coast. It’s their first visit to Australia (they’re American), and they keep saying "We’re upside down!", as they approach everything with that keen sense of enthusiasm which must be one of the greatest features of Americans.

Then of course, there’s the accents. They hail from the smooth-talkin MidWest, but her mother this morning took three goes before the person at the counter understood that she was ordering a bottle of WATER.

I have, however, been catching up on a bit of non-economics reading, and can recommend Ian McEwen’s Saturday — a pacey day in the life tale, centred around a London neurosurgeon. Not quite as good as his classic Amsterdam, but definitely worth a squiz.

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  1. I’m most of the way through *Saturday* and can also recommend it.

  2. Andrew Leigh says:

    Have you read Attonement? I was thinking about buying it.

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