One World

I just finished reading Peter Singer’s One World: The Ethics of Globalisation. It’s a ripper. Singer makes a very compelling case in favour of weighting the welfare of those in other countries the same as the welfare of those in your own country. For anyone who’s enjoyed the Theory of Justice, his sharp attack on John Rawls will also be of interest. Perhaps the best aspect is that unlike many philosophers, Singer is happy to get his hands dirty by trawling through the economic evidence on aid efficacy and the scientific evidence on global warming.

A friend once told me that after reading Singer’s Animal Liberation, he couldn’t justify eating meat any longer. Having found One World so persuasive, I’ve now decided I can’t afford to read Animal Lib, lest I be convinced by that one too.

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4 Responses to One World

  1. Andrew Norton says:

    Andrew – Surely nobody has *enjoyed* The Theory of Justice. Some classics of political philosophy have literary merit too, but not this one.

  2. SInclair Davidson says:
  3. Andrew Leigh says:

    Sinclair, thanks for posting the review. You make some nice points that I hadn’t thought of. But I still find Singer’s case for placing similar weight on “nationals” and “foreigners” to be pretty convincing.

  4. Sinclair Davidson says:

    Oh, yes. People are people and should be treated equally. Last year over at Catallaxy I argued for a ‘free-immigation’ policy, but got hammered. What I thought interesting is that I enjoyed Singer’s ‘Writings’ but hated ‘One World’. The philosopher type who reviewed ‘Writings’ for the Drawing Board hated it.

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