Where has all the good graffiti gone?

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Here in Canberra, there often isn’t a lot going on in local politics. So we’ve been fortunate this week to have the Aidan Bruford affair, in which the environment adviser to the Chief Minister has been caught drawing caricatures of John Howard on buildings, and the Chief Minister initially refused to accept his resignation.

Most of the commentary has focused on whether John Stanhope should’ve accepted the resignation immediately instead, he took the novel approach of calling one journalist a dickhead (Local Channel 9 reporter Camden Smith apparently asked Stanhope: "Why should we pay for him to be a dickhead?". Mr Bruford finally resigned on April 19, about a week after the story broke.)

But I think the more pressing issue is: why is Mr Bruford currently the only guy doing political graffiti in the nation’s capital? Of course, there is the occasional good example of political graffiti, but overall, it seems to be a dying art. Or maybe it’s just moved to the blogosphere.

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5 Responses to Where has all the good graffiti gone?

  1. avocadia says:

    Now I’m insanely curious to know which journo :- )

  2. Andrew Leigh says:

    Whoops, I mis-attributed the “dickhead” line to Stanhope. Apparently it was a Channel 9 journo. I’ve fixed up the entry.

  3. Splat Guy says:

    Certainly that journalist asked the dickhead question, but I think Stanhope then called him a dickhead as they were leaving (at the same time as the “Don’t you ever lay your hands on me again” incident).

  4. Andrew Leigh says:

    Is that right? Surely Stanhope could’ve come up with something better than “back at ya, mate”.

  5. Lakisha says:

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