The selection of Joseph Ratzinger as the new Pope doesn’t thrill me, for reasons already canvassed on this blog. As Wikipedia puts it:

Benedict is seen as a traditionalist – he is nicknamed "God’s Rottweiler" because of his fierce defence of papal principles. He is a controversial choice. He is a critic of homosexuality and gay marriage and has denounced other Christian churches as deficient as he fears spreading the true word about the bible will eliminate the false Catholic doctrines.

How did the papal betting markets perform? Early in the campaign, I noted that the markets had Dionigi Tettamanzi, the Italian candidate, as the frontrunner. But it has been suggested that Ratzinger was favourite when the voting began. Was anyone tracking Tradesports on a daily basis?

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  1. Sinclair Davidson says:

    I didn’t do a daily analysis, but did have a look from time to time. The Italian was early fav, but by Friday (at least) Ratzinger was tipped to win. God revealed his will to the market long before he reveal it to the cardinals.

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