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A Bit Freakin' More

To supplement Dave’s post on Freakonomics, I might point out that Steve Levitt has now followed his Chicago colleagues Gary Becker and Richard Posner, and started his own blog (jointly with his coauthor Steve Dubner). It’s worth a squiz, though … Continue reading

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Tax Cut Unfairness

And now, a trio of comments on Sinclair’s piece. 1. I think Sinclair’s right to point out that Beazley’s tax cuts are also regressive, a point that few (if any) other commentators have made. I’m no fan of Labor’s approach … Continue reading

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Tax Cut Fairness

Sinclair Davidson has a piece on the tax cuts in today’s AFR, which he’s generously allowed me to reprint over the fold. I have some quibbles with it, but it seems more appropriate to put them in a separate post.

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Sex and the City

Over the years, I’ve noticed that a much higher fraction of my female friends complain about the lack of eligible men, than the fraction of my male friends who complain about the lack of eligible women.*  But I’ve always assumed … Continue reading

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More Freakonomics

As regular readers of the IA blog know, Andrew is a big fan of young gun economist called Steven Levitt.  Levitt has become famous for using economists’ tools to find surprising answers for all kinds of unusual questions (like the … Continue reading

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John Dauth, Australia’s straight-talking Ambassador to the United Nations, spoke at ANU Law School tonight. He was pleasantly direct, praising the Secretariat, the Security Council and agencies like UNICEF, but arguing that the UN General Assembly and its committees – … Continue reading

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Land of the Golden Angels

Macgregor and I are doing a four-day roadtrip next week, starting from Salt Lake City. We chose it because neither of us have been to Utah before. Does anyone have any "must sees" in that part of the world?

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