Howard Resigns, Says He's Too Old

A friend in the UK just drew my attention to Michael Howard’s resignation. The Tory leader has stepped down on the basis that he’ll be 67 or 68 at the next election, which he regards as too old.

Should make for interesting discussions in Australia too. Maybe Gordon Brown won’t be the only treasurer to vicariously benefit from this poll.

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3 Responses to Howard Resigns, Says He's Too Old

  1. So Andrew, who do you believe will take over from Howard when he retires?

  2. Andrew Leigh says:

    Well, if there was a betting market on this, I expect Costello would be about a 70% chance, with Abbott and others sharing the remaining 30%.

  3. Andrew Leigh says:

    Update: There now is a betting market in this (, and it has Costello as a 69% chance if Howard resigns.

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