Last night, we went to see The Big Con, a political satire written by Guy Rundle, and performed by Max Gillies and Eddie Perfect. There were a couple of gems: Gillies’ Amanda Vanstone doing a Pfeiffer-on-the-piano routine, Tony Soprano coming to Australia as George Bush’s personal envoy, and a John Howard routine whose small mannerisms were picked up beautifully.

The odd omission, however, was any good sledging of the ALP. Is it really true that the leadership ballot and Labor’s election performance couldn’t produce any satire of substance? I’m sure this year’s Sydney University Law Revue (my benchmark for Australian political satire) won’t miss its chance to make mockery from their misery. Why do this trio focus only on the right?

Perhaps the answer is in the sense of paranoia that lay over the whole night. I’ve rarely seen comedy as dark – and angry – as some of the stuff they put on.* Which is a shame, since anger and comedy don’t typically mix well. And hey, if I want the anger, I’ll just buy a copy of Arena.

* I started counting the Alan Jones buggery jokes, but gave up at 20.

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