Land of the Golden Angels

Macgregor and I are doing a four-day roadtrip next week, starting from Salt Lake City. We chose it because neither of us have been to Utah before. Does anyone have any "must sees" in that part of the world?

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  1. Dale Bailey says:

    I was at a conference many yrs ago in Snowbird, out of SLC, and beforehand there was an overnight trip to the Dinosaur Monument National Park. We rafted down a river – Snake River, I think – and ended up at the Dinosaur Monument. I remember being blown away by it – esp. when I found that dinosaurs had the same peripheral limb bony structures (tibia and fibula, radius and ulna) as we do – comparitve anatomy 101! It is an incredible collection of dinosaur fossils. Not sure if it is on the beaten track. BTW the end of the trip down Sanke River was at a cliff at a huge 180degree hairpin bend in the river which you might remember was where Butch Cassidy & Sundance (Redford & Newman) jumped off in the final scene of their movie…enjoy if you make it!

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