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Jess Beats Idiot Box

I’ve been watching Big Brother, and reading AusCulture Jess’s BB05 blog. And I can confidently say that the latter is a heck of a lot more interesting than the former. Over at Centrebet, shearer Glenn ($2.20) has now moved past … Continue reading

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HECS for Farmers

With the drought unabated, John Howard has again dusted off the Akubra and gone bush. There, he’s heard from Australian farmers, calling for making drought assistance more generous, or making the income and wealth tests less restrictive. I’m comfortable with … Continue reading

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Cut class sizes hoping it will boost literacy. Repeat.

Having just written a piece in Monday’s Sydney Morning Herald pointing out that lower class sizes over the past 25 years have not raised literacy and numeracy standards, I was mildly surprised to open today’s paper, and find Tony Vinson … Continue reading

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Pro War Blogger Opposes Torture

Belatedly responding to John Quiggin’s call, I’d be happy to be counted among the ranks of pro-war bloggers opposed the use of torture. I’d regard myself as what the yanks call a "liberal hawk". So far as I’ve been able … Continue reading

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But the rich pay a lot of tax, so they should get a big tax cut

Of all the pro-taxcut arguments cropping up over recent days, the one I’ve heard most frequently is "well, the rich pay more tax than the poor, so they deserve a bigger tax cut". This argument has a superficial appeal to … Continue reading

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Analysis of the 2005 Tax Cuts

Since no-one else seemed to be doing it, I’ve analysed the 2005 tax cuts by household. Since inequality and poverty analysis is typically done at a household level, it is more informative to see how the benefits are distributed across … Continue reading

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From Right Field

The lunar-right Citizens Electoral Council (formerly the League of Rights – now the Australian branch of the Lyndon LaRouche fanclub) just dropped their newspaper into the pigeonholes of everyone in the economics program of the ANU Research School. I’m not … Continue reading

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