You know you've been spouting political jargon for too long when…

Roger Price MP, speaking about John Anderson’s retirement in the House of Representatives on June 23:

I know John is a devoted family man and I think that every member of parliament, no matter how humble their position, has a terror about whether or not they are a good parent. We all go through that and it is even more relevant when public duty places so many demands on you, as they have on John, and takes you away from the family. As the leader has said, it is a great win for the family that he is going to be able to spend more time with them.

Update: A few days writing this blog entry, I came across a quote that seemed apposite. From George Orwell, "The Prevention of Literature":

Political writing in our time consists almost entirely of prefabricated phrases bolted together like the pieces of a child’s Meccano set.

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