Latham Shenanigans

Labor strategists are bound to have twisted knickers this week over the Latham comments. Much like the Blewett diaries, I’m inclined to think that this will pass pretty quickly, and the Labor historians will be better for getting such an extraordinary insight into a person who’s been one of the party’s central figures over recent years.

Update: In his speech launching the Lagan bio, John Faulkner makes this point much more elegantly than me.

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1 Response to Latham Shenanigans

  1. Guy says:

    I’m not sure I understand Latham’s motivations for being so brutal and apparently quite shallow in his criticisms. Constructive criticisms? There are plenty to be made of the ALP. But slander achieves little besides kicking up a media hellstorm.

    These outbursts seem to have a lot of Liberal and ALP supporting-folk alike thinking that perhaps Australia dodged a bullet when Latham was not elected.

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