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More Haste, More Korupsi

Recent reports that Australia has so far only spent $10 million of the pledged $1 billion to rebuild Aceh after the Boxing Day tsunami shouldn’t be cause for concern. It’s one thing to respond fast in providing food, water and … Continue reading

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The Canberra Times today carries a front page story with the heading "25pc of prostitutes students, says sex industry" (the CT’s website is generally a day out of date, so check here on Monday). As Andrew Norton has pointed out, … Continue reading

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Economics vs Psychology

Following on from Jason Soon’s Catallaxy post about what economists can learn from evolutionary theory, I thought I should highlight economist Ed Glaeser’s take on the interaction between economics and psychology, which is more critical of psychology than most behavioural … Continue reading

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You know you've been spouting political jargon for too long when…

Roger Price MP, speaking about John Anderson’s retirement in the House of Representatives on June 23: I know John is a devoted family man and I think that every member of parliament, no matter how humble their position, has a … Continue reading

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Inspirational Reading

1. Kate’s guest blog entry on Larvartus Prodeo: Disability: A Personal Story. 2. Dr Atul Gawande’s address to the Harvard Medical School graduating class of 2005 (a must-read for doctors, a should-read for everyone else).

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Why So Sad, Cobber?

David Blanchflower (Dartmouth) and Andrew Oswald (Warwick) have a new NBER working paper out on happiness. It’s entitled "Happiness and the Human Development Index: The Paradox of Australia", and the abstract reads: According to the well-being measure known as the … Continue reading

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I was chatting last night with a lawyer at a big Sydney law firm, and mentioned that I was doing work on teacher salaries. In NSW, teachers start on $35,000, and the best-paid get $65,000. She mentioned that starting lawyers … Continue reading

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