Stiff ARM tactics

This snippet was contained in the monthly email to Australian Republican Movement members from our mild-mannered chair, John Warhurst.

The saga of my correspondence with the Governor-General took a further step when he refused to see me to learn for himself about ARM on the extremely dubious grounds that he had not seen Australians for Constitutional Monarchy, despite his patronage of their front organisation, Constitutional Education Fund-Australia. Andrew Fraser reported this story under the headline "G-G close to taking sides on republic: Warhurst" in the Canberra Times of 17 June. I believe the Governor-General has been badly advised: he would be far better off openly speaking to all sides of the republic issue rather than pretending to maintain his impartiality. The ARM will continue to press the issues we raised in our correspondence including the role of the Queen as Head of State and the connection between ACM and CEF-A.

Republican supporters can sign up to become an ARM supporter (free) or member (cheap) at the ARM website.

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  1. Or Australian Republicans can create their own Republican advocacy sites on the internet and not leave the issue solely in the hands of ARM.

    I have contacted ARM, and the response was tepid. You would think they would be all over us. South Sea Republic (SSR) is hosting discussions of alternate republican models, developing Republican doctrine as a complete basis for policy, etc.

    SSR is developing a greater foundation than just going to the Australian public and saying “republic” as if it was a “slam dunk”. A Republic is a superior form of government, but greater public exposure to the principles of Australian republicanism, including the long history of Australian republicanism needs to be done, so Australians become more secure and comfortable with a republic.

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    Doctrine :

  2. Sinclair Davidson says:

    Surely this was just a stunt? What, and why would the GG want to learn about the ARM that either he might not already know, or need to know? Would the GG then have to meet with every possible political grouping/advocacy group in Australia?

  3. Andrew Leigh says:

    Sinc, what else does the GG do but cut ribbons, sign bills, and meet community groups? 😉

    Cam, SSR sounds ace. I know that the ARM are worried at present about being characterised as wedded to any particular model, but this is only a partial explanation for their tepidity.

  4. Andrew, To be truthful it is not ARM’s place to advocate a model, merely to stop the existing politicians from forwarding a self-serving one of their own.

    But even with that, ARM remains rather shallow. However, it is up to Australian Republicans to flesh out a constitutional and political doctrine that makes popular sense as the means to project Australia forward. It wont come through ARM. Hence SSR as one of the voices to satisfy that need.

    Prior to 1999, Mark McKenna was the lone voice in that wilderness of fleshing out the origins of Australian Republicanism. I hope Mark discovers the power of the internet soon and starts publishing in the digital as well as dead-tree media.

    btw SSR is a community site, I know David has an account there, so if you want to publish Republican articles there, please feel free to do so. It is inclusive, not exclusive. The only barrier is that articles have to be voted on by the community to determine if they get published or not.

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