The G Spot

Those whacky folks at Google seem to be justifying their steadily-rising share price. From the latest "Google friends" newsletter:

  • When you want to see the value of one currency in relation to another, simply enter the conversion you’d like done into the Google search box. You can even type a phrase like [Brazilian currency in Malaysian money] or [2 dollars per gallon in euros per litre] to get the right answer.
  • Part search tool, part flight simulator: Google Earth gives you a deep dive into terrain, properties, roads, and other real-world features across the globe. Try zooming along a route you select to see the sights from the air. And it’s completely free. In the short time it’s been live, Google Earth has proved so popular that we’ve had to turn off downloads intermittently; if that happens to you, please check back again shortly. For Windows only.
  • This new improvement to Google search, available on Google Labs, orders your search results based on your search history. And the Search History feature lets you view and manage that history of searches and search results you’ve clicked on. As you build up your search history, your personalized search results will continue to improve. Note that you must be logged in to your Google Account to use it.
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  1. spog says:

    Thanks for that. It has had us all entertained for hours. Took a virtual drive from my house to the local shops and back. Amazing!

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