Why the Bombings Mean We Must Support My Politics

The adequacy.org 9/11 standard column (which I first read about from Chris Bertram) has been getting quite an airing lately, with versions by William Kristol in the Australian, Tariq Ali in the SMH, and  Timothy Garton Ash and Amin Saikal in the Age.

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2 Responses to Why the Bombings Mean We Must Support My Politics

  1. Adequacy is a notorious troll website, that shut down after exhausting itself (most of its main writers grew up). I despise trolling as I believe it destroys communication, dissemination and trust. I dont hold that it is a new art-form or anything of that nature.

    I have been on the internet long enough to have been trolled numerous times. Sadly I get trolled quite often in the op-ed pages of the Washington Post. The page is set up so that no matter what my opinion, I am trolled. I dont write in to the newspaper in outrage, but I suspect many do.

    Australia has its own mass media trolls, Kingston, Devine, Henderson, Sheehan etc etc etc. It is a sad state of affairs when the mass media has fallen so hard, that they can only be pale shadows of first rate trolls such as the adequacy folks.

    What next, the Daily Mirror stealing headlines from fark.com?

  2. Mike says:

    The GWOT is more of a catch cry than any thing else. To fight a war you need to know who your oponents are. There is not some secret hiiden army that we can seek out and find.

    Terror attacks occour for many and varied reasons they find their roots in diverse organisations across the globe. We can not and sould not attribute all attacks to Al queda. To do so is to deny the reality that there are many with an axe to grind.

    Simply naysaying to the effect that the terrorists will not achieve thier goals is to deny that they may have a valid point.

    No matter what your politics you can not condone or applaude the tactics that have been adopted, Not by the terrorists or the defenders of the free world.

    The war in all reality has done little to serve the terrorists. It has how ever allowed the defender to bring out into the open its previously covert opperations. They have broader powers to infringe privacy, and will we do not invite or embrace this we do not reject it either.

    This war will never end, it can not end. We can but only hope to minimise the casulities. Along the way we will kick down some doors take some prisoners and have some victories…we will never prevail.


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