Who's Playing the Game?

Any Big Brother fans with a bit of time on their hands?* One of the questions that keeps being asked is "who’s playing the game?". And one way to find out who’s playing most tactically would be to look at which housemate’s nominations accord most closely with Centrebet’s favourites (or for odds as at 22 June, click here). Anyone feel like doing the work?

* According to friends I had dinner with on Saturday night, anyone who watches BB has too much time on their hands. One tried to empathise: "It’s ok, I watch some junk TV too – occasionally I turn on Channel 10 news".

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  1. mike says:

    ” After a season of Big Brother (“you’re evicted”), The Amazing Race (“you’re eliminated”) and The Apprentice (“you’re fired”), it is no wonder that unfair dismissals are back on the political agenda.” Andrew Leigh…

    What no the Tribe Has Spoken !

    You need a new Catagory Geekism.

    Mind you Survivor and The Amazing Race are must see shows for me.

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